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Laramie Jubilee Days is made possible by the sponsors and numerous volunteers who work to make it a reality. As a non-profit organization, Laramie Jubilee Days is managed by a Board of Directors. Several committees are responsible for each aspect of the celebration. If you are interested in becoming involved with Laramie Jubilee Days, please contact any of the Board members for more information.

Each year, hundreds of volunteers come together to produce the finest statehood celebration in Wyoming. Established in 1940 to recognize the 50th anniversary of Wyoming becoming a state, it has grown from only a couple of events to the 20 plus events that we observe today. Without the help of our devoted volunteers, the great celebration of Laramie Jubilee Days would not exist. To every individual who helps to make these events a success, we thank you!

We need volunteers to help in various areas during Laramie Jubilee Days and in some cases, throughout the year. Please email our volunteer chair to get started.


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Shawn Faxon

The carnival is a favorite activity during Laramie Jubilee Days. It has been a mainstay of the celebration for decades and the local youth can be seen enjoying everything the carnival has to offer. Present during the second half of the celebration, it anchors the entire week. If you are a fan of carnival rides, you don’t want to miss this one!


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Terri Colling

The hospitality tent is a place for our growing list of sponsors to enjoy the rodeo festivities. Each night, the tent is open to sponsors who receive meals and beverages in appreciation of their support to Laramie Jubilee Days. Meals are graciously provided by local restaurants who receive sponsorship recognition for their donation. The committee is responsible for running the hospitality tent at the fairgrounds. They ensure the space is ready each night, assist the restaurants in setting up the meals, oversee admittance into the area, serve beverages, and much more every day. Committee members are always welcome, with most need being short-term during the event.


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Holly Kennedy

Laramie Jubilee Days Royalty has been a part of our celebration from the start. The very first year, 1940, royalty was selected by ballots that sold for 25 cents. Today, the selection for Laramie Jubilee Days Royalty includes a contest judged by a panel of judges. Young ladies are evaluated on a number of skills including horsemanship, personality, and speaking ability, among others. These young ladies serve as ambassadors for our celebration all year long and represent Laramie by traveling around the region to invite others to attend Laramie Jubilee Days. The Royalty Committee plans and oversees all the Royalty activities including the contest, clinics, coronation (annual fundraiser), and appearances made throughout the year.


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Kim Puls

Laramie Jubilee Days is operated fully by volunteers. Volunteers are the lifeblood of this celebration, from the Board of Directors, to each and every volunteer who fills a need every day during Laramie Jubilee Days. There are an entire host of volunteer activities, ranging from serving on a committee with yearlong activities to volunteering for an hour or two in July. Whether you can give many hours a year or just one or two, there are opportunities for you! The volunteer committee works to coordinate volunteers with committee needs throughout the year. If you are interested in helping with Laramie Jubilee Days but are not sure which committee fits you the best, the volunteer committee can help you find the right opportunity.


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Jess Harper

What would a rodeo be without concessions for the fans? Eating fair food is a rite of passage and something that everyone who has attended any outdoor event comes to expect. Ensuring there are vendors to provide that food is as important to Laramie Jubilee Days as the events themselves. This committee requires volunteers who are at least 21 years of age to dispense adult beverages. Most needs for this committee are short term, working just the week of the event, with a few opportunities for longterm planning members.


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Tina Walrath

What would any local celebration be without a parade? The Laramie Jubilee Days Parade has been around for the entire existence of our celebration. Another family favorite, kids can be seen on the sidelines, bag in hand, ready to collect as much candy as they can. Each year 100+ entrants and several marching bands can be seen marching through the streets on Saturday morning. The parade committee has a hard task of collecting and coordinating entries as well as securing judges and prizes for the winners. Members are especially needed to help with coordinating and line-up the day of the parade.


Contact Person

Dave Hansen & Robin Riegel

The Laramie Jubilee Days celebration simply would not exist without the support of our wonderful sponsors. Pulling off an event of this magnitude requires a substantial budget. This event only happens through the generous giving from our local businesses and individuals through their tax-deductible sponsorships. Our sponsors help the board continue to make this week-long celebration a reality for the community. The sponsorship committee works year-round to secure sponsorships from local businesses.


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Kelly Wolfe

The downtown festivities are another mainstay of Laramie Jubilee Days. For decades, the downtown activities have included street dances to live music and a beer tent. This is still true today. Rounding out downtown is a street type fair with a variety of vendors. The committee is in charge of vendor set up, scheduling live music, coordinating with downtown businesses and setting up and running the beer tent each day. We are looking for volunteers to help with coordinating vendors and those who are at least 21 and preferably TIPS trained to serve adult beverages daily. There are both long-term and short-term volunteer opportunities.


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Myron Hales

Horse based events have been a mainstay during Laramie Jubilee Days since 1940. In the early years, the main event of our celebration was horse racing. While we no longer include horse racing, we offer a variety of rodeo and horse show activities, making something available for all ages. Each year you can expect to see a kids horse show, ranch rodeo, junior bull riding, and PRCA sanctioned bull riding and rodeos. This committee encompasses the largest set of events during our celebration, with some event taking place nearly every day of our over week long celebration. The extent of events requires a large committee of community members.


Contact Person

Angie Candelaria

Ticket sales for the PRCA events are a key to Laramie Jubilee Days recruiting top PRCA rodeo competitors to our rodeos. Over the years, we have had the opportunity to see a plethora of champion competitors inside our arena. The money raised from ticket sales helps us to provide prize money to our competitors. The ticket committee is on hand each night selling tickets and taking tickets for admittance into the events. They also coordinate with our local ticket vendors to ensure they have tickets to sell prior to the event.

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When: Annually in July

Where: Laramie, Laramie, WY 82072


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