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Joe Dowler Memorial Mr. T Xtreme Bull Riding Calcutta

Tuesday, July 9, 2024

11:30 PM

Bud's Bar



This is your chance to have some skin in the game during the Mr. T Xtreme Bull Riding! Purchase your favorite cowboy in the calcutta and if he wins, you win!
Entries are limited to 40 entries so the goal is to sell 40 bull riders to the highest bidder.
In the event of a bull rider not competing that was purchased the buyer of that cowboy will automatically get the replacement. If there is no replacement the buyer will receive a full refund of the purchase price.

The winners of the Calcutta will be determined by the pro-rodeo judges scores. First place will go to the highest score second to the next highest and so on down the list. In the event of a tie score the rider with the highest combined ride score will be the winner. (Example: 2–90-point rides, on one the combined animal score was 46 and the combined ride score was 44 and the other was 45 and 45. The rider with the ride score of 45 would win over the other) Combined scores meaning that the scores of each judge added together. The Judges score 1-25 for the rider and 1-25 for the stock and then the scores of each judge are added together. for a total possible of 100 points

Payout out will be to the top four combined scores;
1st place-40%
2nd place-30%
3rd place-20%
4th place 10%

Payout will be figured on the total money after the 10% to LJD and after all refunds have been paid back.

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