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Ranch Rodeo

Sunday, July 7, 2024

4:00 PM

Albany County Fairgrounds



Entries for the ranch rodeo are now open until June 30. Entry fees are $350 per team of 4. Please text team name, team member names, and hometown to 307-760-7777. Participants can enter more than 1 team but at least 2 members must be different.

The world of rodeo as entertainment has been around since the 1800s! It originally started with two groups of cowboys from neighboring ranches settling an argument over who was the best at performing everyday cowboy tasks. This is very much the basis of today’s Ranch Rodeo, an opportunity for teams of cowboys from local and regional ranches to come to town and prove they are the best at a variety of ranch-related tasks. While the exact events during a Ranch Rodeo might change from place to place, the idea remains the same. At any given competition, you can expect to see teams of cowboys using their horses and skills to perform tasks that are necessary any day of the week on a ranch. Loading a cow into a trailer, roping and/or sorting cattle, doctoring a sick or injured cow, branding livestock, and more can be seen in a Ranch Rodeo.

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